3 Small Crystal Rhinestone Metal Claw Hair Clips

SKU: F000341
  • JEWELRY FOR HAIR: Elegant mini sparkly hair claws decorated with white crystal and rhinestones
  • VERSATILE: Use them as a great decorative piece for hair bun, to hold a French twist, clip up the sides of the hair, hold the bang out of the face, or to secure a half up half down hairstyle
  • STRONG GRIP: These are metal claws that provide a sturdy and strong grip on the hair. They also carry more weight than plastic ones.
  • Suitable for everyday use or fancy occasions.
  • To help the claws to stay better, grab sufficient bunch of hair and twist it before apply the hair claws
  • Comes in a set of 3 hair claws
  • Material: electroplated alloy, rhinestones
  • Color: Rose gold, white crystals
  • The diameter of hair claw: about 1.1in/ 3cm
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