3 Extra Long Hair Clips for Thick Hair With Bold Color

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  • EXTRA LONG: The resin plates measure 3.9in/ 10cm long while the metal barrette parts measure 3in / 8cm long. Besides the unusual size, the barrettes are designed to be only slightly curved. It is easy to slide on the clip for an effortless low ponytail or half-updo look. Or use it at the side of the head to keep stray hairs away from the face.
  • BOLD COLORS: Comes in a set of three unique plain colors of azure blue, marble white, and golden brown. For a stand-out style, pick a color that contrasts your hair tone; For a chicly subtle fashion, go with a matching/ harmonious color.
  • French barrette provides a strong grip for half updo look (for medium to thick hair) or as ponytail holder (for thin to medium hair).
  • Color: Blue / white / brown
  • Overall length of resin plate: 3.9in / 10cm
  • Overall length of metal barrette part: 3in / 8cm
  • Material: Acrylic + metal
  • Package includes: 3x barrettes
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