2 Ivory White Large Hair Barrette For Thick Hair With Filigree Design

SKU: F000347
  • Comes in a set of a large curved beautiful barrette and a simple long slim barrette to satisfy different styling needs.
  • Large French barrette provides strong grip for half updo look (for medium to thick hair) or as ponytail holder (for thin to medium hair).
  • Long slim barrette clip is useful in pinning back side bangs and keep hair out of your face
  • Classic ivory white filigree is versatile in matching different outfits and hairstyles. Suitable for everyday office look.
  • Arrives in kraft paper gift box
  • Color: ivory white/ off white
  • Curved and anti-slip design for barrette
  • Overall length of large barrette: 4.5in / 11.5cm
  • Overall length of thin barrette: 3.5in / 9cm
  • Material: Acrylic + metal
  • Package includes: 2x barrettes
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