2 Floral With Rhinestone Banana Clip For Thick Hair

SKU: F000306
  • EXTRA LONG: Both banana clips measure 4in in length. It can hold medium to thick hair all day long. Works best for shoulder-length or longer hair.
  • QUICK HAIRSTYLING: Fasten hair in seconds into a fluffy classy ponytail. What’s more, is that the clips do not leave hair crease marks.
  • 3D FLOWERS: These banana clips, decorated with beautiful metal flowers, glam up your outfit instantly. This set comes in two designs: golden lilies and multi-colored 3-petal wildflowers. Both are decorated with rhinestone crystals to add sparkles.
How to use a banana clip
1.First, comb and gather your hair. Open the banana clip and place the clip at the base of your hair. The hinge of the clip should hit near the back of your head with the jaws open on either side of your hair. Make sure that the curve of the clip fits the curve of your head.
2.Spread your hair evenly along the clip for a fluffy ponytail, and this ensures that the clip can be closed easily. Make sure all of your hair is inside the clip.
3.Close the clip close against your head so the style will hold. Fasten the tip towards the top of your head to hold your hair in place
  • Material: Acrylic plastic clamp + metal alloy flowers + rhinestones
  • Length of banana clip: 4in / 10cm
  • Approximate weight of a banana clip: 45g
  • Come packaged in a clear plastic pouch
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